Across the technology sector, we have the opportunity to make the world a better place. Our next steps are central to #BuildBackBetter campaigns all over the world.

People, Planet, Social Impact

The technology sector is strong and robust, offering more job and life opportunities than many other sectors. But, more than that, the sector is innovative and is fortunate to have the resources to invest in people, communities, social projects, and the environment.

We want to work with partners who share the Tech for Good vision and start making a real, measurable difference together: 

Get in touch today if your interested in supporting initiatives or putting forward social impact projects.

  • Tech for All (Bridge the Digital Divide)
  • Sustainability (Recycle your old equipment) 
  • Recruit Black Talent (UK Black Business Week)
  • Support Leaders of Tomorrow (Offer mentorships to the next generation of IT super stars) 

Lifeshare: Manchester Digital Collective

We’ve partnered with Manchester Digital Collective (MDC) to help tackle digital exclusion and focus on four core elements:

  • Awareness - highlighting awareness of the issue of digital exclusion and its implications: social isolation; barrier to work, education and financial support
  • Learning - the MDC offer free online digital training courses to community groups beginning their online journey
  • Internet Access - the MDC signposts community groups to free, accessible Wi-Fi zones around Manchester to tackle data poverty
  • Devices - Without a device a connection to the digital world is impossible. We work to source as many devices as we can to ensure that everyone has access to one.

Recycling old devices is a far more sustainable and cost effective way of getting technology to those without. MDC reconditions and distributes devices to those who need to bridge the digital divide.

Find out more here.

Leaders of Tomorrow

We partner with AI in Business for the Leaders of Tomorrow programme - a tech initiative to help educate young people on the impact of AI.

The project was launched to train, support and showcase young talent at secondary school, closing the knowledge gap surrounding the impact of AI on the future of work and society.

"It was really inspiring to see these young people apply their skills and creativity to making the world better, and it certainly gives some hope for the future!" - Katie King, programme facilitator.

Find out more here.