Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Working with individuals and organisations from all spectrums of the IT industry. We at DTX want to be part of the change, do you?

Driving change

Whilst we’re continually striving to get better, there is a lot to do...

At DTX, we believe in the power of a diverse workforce and in equal opportunity for all. And, we’re committed to making sure that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do. From the businesses, organisations and charities that we support, through to our speaker lineups.

"Only one in five tech students are female"

An even more worrying sign is that the percentage of female graduates is lower today than it was more than twenty years ago

"UK tech workforce averages 16% of ethnic minority workers"

"Only 44% of tech employees work at a company with a D&I department"

This means that many tech companies are not paying attention to the issue which contributes to maintaining inequality in the industry

" The total share of women employed in tech does not reach 30% and for black women, the share is under 5% only"


Sources: Diversity In The Tech Industry: Statistics 2022 (MyDisabilityJobs) | Diversity in Tech 2021 report (Tech Talent Charter)

Actions speak louder than words

In order to kickstart working towards equaling opportunities for all as well as improving the existing stance of the tech industry, we’ve already…

  • Launched a D & I Council to support us with delivering better educational content
  • Launched a new ‘digital culture’ programme, with D & I front and centre
  • Invested into and partner with UK Black Business Week and Black Tech Achievement Awards to promote black talent to the Tech sector

We're continuing to...

  • Offer free promotion to any organisation, or exhibitor that wants to promote their D&I initiatives and job opportunities
  • Co-organise training programmes for Leaders of Tomorrow (young talent)
  • Provide a stage for sustainability in tech through partnering with Lifeshare: Manchester Digital Collective (MDC)
  • Work with Greater Manchester Authorities on #BuildBackBetter and Digital City Agenda
  • Develop how we can make our events accessible to everyone

If there are other groups, associations or bodies that you think we should be working with. Let us know!

    Commit with us; speak with us

    We’re committed to providing a platform for people from all backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities, ages and religions. If you’d like to nominate yourself or a colleague to speak, please contact us today.

    We’re producing better, more diverse speaker line-ups, but we implore the top technology companies and IT teams to think hard about D & I when submitting speakers. At our events last year, 27% of speakers were female for DTX + UCX Manchester & 23% for DTX + UCX Europe. Whilst that is a lot more than the relative representation in the industry, we want to go further. We can’t do it without you.

    Do you share our passion?

    We love to shout about good news and share best practice. Simply get in contact using the button below sharing a summary of your organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion policy or initiatives. Alternatively, supply what you think could make a difference to you in your day-to-day activities.